Why enjoy?



Strength in Numbers.

enjoy cherokee! magazine distributed to over 10,000 readers in 5 counties across Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama.

Shelf Life.

enjoy cherokee! magazine distributes seasonally with 5 issues a year and has a shelf life of approximately 4 months.

Target Audience.

enjoy cherokee! magazine appeals to readers ages 25 and older with the greatest buying power and discretionary income.


enjoy cherokee! magazine is an advertising investment that readers can see and touch, take with them and share with others.

Reader friendly.

enjoy cherokee! magazine provides readers with sustentative features that keep them entertained and looking forward to the next issue.

Broader appeal.

enjoy cherokee! magazine appeals to adults of all ages and your prospective clients by maintaining a professional quality design.


enjoy cherokee! magazine maintains a consistent format and release.


enjoy cherokee! magazine is the premier regional magazine of North Georgia defining arts, culture, living, events, people and destinations, going into its fourth year of publication.


enjoy cherokee! magazine features established advertisers that lend high end brand recognition which offers lesser known advertisers a unique positioning opportunity.


enjoy cherokee! magazine is budget friendly! The high volume of distribution across a regional area helps aid in minimizing cost. Investment in enjoy cherokee! can be made for far less than the cost of postage for a single letter.


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