In nature, everything has to eat. We humans, of course, are the only
animals that learned to cook our food first, so eating evolved into a social
thing. Think about it. Eating and cooking includes us all; and, since dining
alone never sounds enticing, we seek the company of whomever, just to
consume a meal.

Being social is all about food. Even Chuck Berry sung of it, with his ‘get
out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans.’ Magazines, cookbooks
and the Internet are prolific with ways to cook hams, turkey and dressing,
cakes and pies so that the more adventurous of us can assault the kitchen
to whip up a spectacular meal; which of course is preceded by canapés and
hor d’oeuvres—just to tide us over ‘til dinner is served.
It doesn’t seem to matter if you haven’t seen your aunt Edna since last
year or took her to brunch last Sunday, when selecting a time and place to
meet, the conversation will inevitably turn to food. Where to eat is always
the question.

Enjoy! just took time to socialize and discover the delicious goodness of
three outstanding restaurants in the area. We encourage you to do the same.
We think you will love the experience as much as we did. The cuisine, the
hospitality and the friendly service are just what everyone needs during the
hustle of the season.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Enjoy!



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