Kick Off Fall!

It’s hard to say what September is really all about. Does it kick off fall or is the kick off of football season?

A good indication happens when your neighbor is busy in his yard. If he’s out there putting up a garden yard sign with a favorite team emblazoned on it, then you match their fervor and put out your favorite team’s flag. If he’s outside chasing leaves to rake, he’s on his own.

Most of us had rather be tailgating on Saturday afternoon! Where we do that is our prerogative. Fighting traffic and huge crowds may not have the appeal it once had, and a quality flat screen in the den delivers the game vividly and as tight as a linebacker’s helmet.

Whether you’re a fan of foot ball or not, it is an excellent excuse for family, friends, and neighbors to get together. It’s the onetime you can ‘throw something’ on the grill for an instant party, and nothing is much tastier than burgers, hot dogs, or ribs barbecued and sizzling on that grill or in the smoker. Easy menus allow you plenty of time to talk teams, predictions or swap the latest intel, leaving the worries to the coaches.

If you want to take your gathering up a notch, just pick up some paper products displayed with team mascots from any grocery or big box store. Keep it simple. Unlike cocktail parties and holiday dinners, there’s always something for everyone to talk  about in such a casual, cheerful environment. If you think it’s just all guy talk, check out who’s wearing the team shirts, where blue jeans set the dress code.

It does look like football may own September and stick around to claim autumn Saturdays for weeks to come. We’ll get around to those leaves eventually. Go team. Enjoy!

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