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It’s no secret that Georgia is getting attention from the film industry. They are discovering some of our favorite spots here in Cherokee County, too. They see the advantages of our weather, accessibility, natural beauty and accommodating people.
One such ‘shooting’ was for the Netflix series, OZARK. Season one was set at the Blue Cat Lodge & Bar, which is across the street from Little River Marina on Allatoona. Yes, producers were aware this is not Missouri or the Ozarks, but it was the chosen place to set up shooting for the beginning of the series. (Here’s hoping they will be back in the vicinity to tape more episodes later this summer.)
People also are experiencing a new and growing interest in the hiking trails in and around Blankets Creek and Rope Mill Park. Along with biking enthusiasts, hikers are getting out there, and loving every minute and mile. And, we couldn’t resist reporting about our very own Drew Waters, the outstanding Etowah High outfielder who just signed with the Atlanta Braves organization. From Woodstock, he’ll be close to home, starting out up the road in Rome.
In this issue, we hope you’ll join us in our discovery of some exciting things people are talking about. We’ve given you a sneak peek, and perhaps you’ll want to explore, discover and enjoy on your own. You’ll also see we’ve caught up with some interesting people, too, who help put Cherokee County not only on the map, but in our hearts. Enjoy!

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