Winter is gone. Enjoy!

In a few short weeks, donning coats and jackets will be a distant memory. You might as well go ahead and put away the parka you left in the back seat of the car or the one over the bedroom chair. We are betting you aren’t going to need thick outerwear for quite a while, regardless of what the weatherman says. Look around. Nature is yelling it at us.

Have you noticed the noise coming from the tree branches? Birds are back in the construction business, determined to build out in the most desirable neighborhoods, fussing away any infringements. Flowers and trees have blossomed seemingly overnight, drawing buzzing pollinators to their stems.

It’s in our DNA, too. Spring first jumpstarts the kids who in turn jump into shorts and tees ready for any and everything outside under the sun. The splat of tennis balls, basketballs, pickleballs, soccer balls routinely sound again in parks, yards, and driveways, and with good reason—everyone wants to be out of the house.

Some fun happenings are coming up around Cherokee that you will find perfect to test drive of those new flip-flops, plus other fun stuff to help you plan your upcoming activities. Perhaps you are looking for a new exercise program, or delicious new dishes perfect for the perfect weather. Plus, see the events coming up in our calendar listings.

We hope to keep you informed and entertained with articles and information within our pages, and we thank you for reading Enjoy. So, kick back, take your shoes off and feel the green grass and warm earth between
your toes. Winter is gone. Enjoy!

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